No one could bark and flo as smoothly as Big Daddy Dane, the Great Dane.. He used to accompany his owner as he would rap and flo at local underground hip hop clubs. Eventually as they became successful, He would hang out at the stage entrance at the big venues they played, and keep haters away from his owner. Because his owner was now really blowing up and getting paid...there were haters out there. Eventually his owner started his own record label and began producing other artists. Unfortunately one day a pissed off rapper that was signed to a lousy deal with their label, came into their offices blasting. Luckily Big Daddy was wearing his bullet-proof vest. However His owner was not, and he was killed. Without his creative talent the whole label died, and Big Daddy was sent


off to the Dogpound. He is now barking out his raps in Cell Block #C.
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