Puncher, a Boxer dog, was the personal training partner of of a upcoming professional boxer . He used to accompany him during the long hours of roadwork in preparation for fights. He would handle his gear and keep an eye on him during workouts. His main job was to keep the press and opposing managers away from his master. His master blew up and became one of the top contenders for the WBA/WBO boxing title. Unfortunately he was dropped in the ring by the reining champ, after finally getting his shot. Having had his heart broken...the fighter just disappeared. He went back to his life of crime and running the streets. Unfortunately for him, Puncher had no one to care for him any longer, and the owner of the Gym didn't like having him around anymore, now that his future "Champ" was no longer around. They called the animal control officers on him and they tossed him into the Dogpound.


Hopefully Puncher and his master will someday make a "comeback".
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