Wolfgang is a "Born to be wild" German Shepard" .He was in charge of guarding the Harleys and choppers outside of the club where his masters hung out. His masters were a notorious Biker Gang. They hung around drinking beer and shooting pool all day, while tending to their 'Business". Wolfgang used to ride with them in a special side seat on his owners Hog. Nothing was sweeter than hitting the open road to places like Sturgis, Hollister, or Eagles Nest with the Bros.. His owner was Seargent of Arms, so they were in charge of security, which was a job they both took this job very seriously. One time there was a huge brawl with a rival biker gang, and they were caught up in it.
Actually his master started it. Anyways... the police hauled his master off to jail for a long stay and he was sent to the Dogpound. Eventually


when his master gets paroled, Wolfgang is sure the two will be together again...riding the open road on his Harley.

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